New ordinance on waste management (NN 81/2020)

The Ministry of Environmental Protection and Energy adopted a new ORDINANCE ON WASTE MANAGEMENT (Official Gazette 81/2020), which entered into force on 23 July 2020 and replaced the previous Ordinance on waste management (Official Gazette 117/2017). 

The ORDINANCE ON WASTE MANAGEMENT, for us one of the most important regulations, among other things, in Article 8 defines the technological process of waste collection, in Article 9 defines the technological process of waste acceptance. Articles 10 and 11 define the rules in the technological process of waste storage.

The Ordinance contains 15 Appendices which are an integral part of it, and which, among other things, contain numerous forms that simplify the keeping of records and reporting to the competent authorities on waste management. The enactment of this Ordinance achieves the goal of the Law on Sustainable Waste Management, ie. unifies all procedures from submitting applications for issuing waste management permits, ie. applications for entry in various registers, to their issuance regardless of which competent authority issues them.

The Ordinance brought a number of novelties and obligations of waste producers / owners and legal entities that manage waste. Obligations to obtain a financial guarantee for the performance of waste management activities, as well as insurance policies and bank guarantees for waste shipments that are subject to the notification procedure are prescribed.

Presentation of the new Ordinance on waste management NN 81/2020