About us

KEMIS-Termoclean d.o.o. is one of the leading companies in the Republic of Croatia, offering complete solutions in the field of industrial and chemical cleaning and management of hazardous and non-hazardous waste. By delivering top quality services, we want to maintain the satisfaction of our customers at the highest level.

KEMIS-Termoclean is a member of the GORENJE group from Slovenia, which has been operating within the Chinese HISENSE Group since 2018. According to the quality of prudential excellence, we are among the most reliable Croatian businesses. We have over 700 satisfied clients.

The result of our work is to reduce the risk in your business.

We reduce and neutralize the negative impacts on the environment – impurities and pollution, waste from manufacturing and service activities etc.

With a cleaner environment we allow our client greater productivity, reliability and continuity of work, better health and safety standards at work, all of which brings lower business costs.

We perform various industrial and chemical cleaning of appliances and facilities of all sizes from small crafts and restaurants to major manufacturing processes in industrial plants. Among other things, we clean the kitchen mastics, oil separators, oil and chemical tanks, tanks, pipes, boilers, cooling towers, ion exchangers, stainless steel, clean and passivate stainless materials, perform ultrasonic cleaning, anti-corrosion protection, high pressure wash, we sanctify pollution, fireplaces etc.

We are present on the entire territory of the Republic of Croatia and we are the largest exporters of hazardous waste to EU countries. We collect waste from industry, retail, public institutions, hospitals, small businesses, crafts and other institutions.

We operate through an integrated management system and we are certified with the most recognized international standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 i SCCp. We have all the necessary permits and solutions for industrial and chemical cleaning and waste management by competent institutions.

The headquarters office is in Zagreb in the industrial zone of Žitnjak in the Gorenje business building. In the headquarters are the offices of commercial, personnel, finance and accounting, development and coordination of the management system. Commercial and Operational Services also have joint business units in Zagreb and Rijeka.

In Croatia we have 3 locations for temporary storage of waste with large storage capacities:

  • Hazardous waste warehouse Jastrebarsko
  • Hazardous and non-hazardous waste warehouse Novi Vinodolski
  • Non-hazardous waste warehouse Zagreb.


The greatest value of our company are EMPLOYEES.

KEMIS-Termoclean d.o.o. counts more than 60 employees, most of whom are in the Operations, ie clearing, accepting and processing waste. Our experience and knowledge, professional skills in industrial and chemical purification, waste collection and disposal are of crucial importance for the excellence of our services. All our employees, besides long-term experience in these jobs, have passed the necessary examinations for working with hazardous and toxic materials, as well as workplace safety examinations, firefighting courses, first aid courses, safe work courses for certain tools and machines etc. Drivers of all categories carrying waste have passed an ADR test for transport of hazardous waste in road traffic. We take into account the high level of security not only of our employees but also of clients, partners and subcontractors.

20% of our employees have high and higher qualifications. It is a multidisciplinary team of chemists, miners, geologists, eco-engineerings, ecologists, social workers, economists, financial managers etc.

CEO mr. Zoran Matić has been in this position since the foundation of the company in 2007.

The CEO simultaneusly is President of Administration and manages the administration courses where, among other things, the Professional College confirms the annual and outstanding objectives of the IMS – the integrated management system. All Significant Scheduled Activities, Programs, Projects that Improve Quality of Business, Improve Environmental Protection, Health and Safety at Work are set in IMS Goals.

KEMIS-Termoclean d.o.o. expert board consisting of:

  • CEO
  • Human Resources Manager
  • Director of Accounting and Finance
  • Director of Commerce
  • Director of Operations
  • Director of Waste Storage
  • Head of Business Unit Rijeka
  • Head of Controlling
  • CEO Advisor (IMS and Development)

Organizational structure of KEMIS-Termoclean d.o.o.

During the work we use a variety of professional equipment that we properly maintain and modernize. In addition to cleaning equipment (pumps, hoses, etc.), we also have a large fleet of waste transportation vehicles (vacuum tankers with high pressure washing pumps, truck cranes, ramp trucks, truck van, forklift trucks, etc.). All equipment has the appropriate approvals for work satisfying all legal requirements, and all vehicles transporting hazardous waste ADR certificates.

Waste collection activities, storage of hazardous and non-hazardous waste, care about systematic disposal and final waste processing, with the introduction of new technologies and development projects, all with full compliance with legal and other requirements, where all business processes are included in so-called “Life cycle”.

The company operates through INTEGRATED MANAGEMENT SYSTEM with certified management system standards. The scope of the management system includes waste management and industrial and chemical cleaning.

We are holders of Bisnode’s AAA Gold Certificate of Credit Excellence, which makes us one of the most trusted businesses in Croatia. We fulfill the criteria of credit rating excellence for 2016, 2017 and 2018 and we are one of the most reliable Croatian business entities eligible to use the status of Gold Excellence as a symbol of rating credit excellence. On several occasions, we have won the “Golden Kuna” award in the domain of the most profitable companies, as well as the “Gazela” award given to the fastest growing companies.

Bisnode certificate

We have 4 certified international standards (certificates):

A robust, credible and reliable system is our tool for achieving business excellence through quality, fast and efficient service, all with high measures of safety, health at work and environmental protection. As a core environmental business, it is logical for our environmental management system to be excellent and propulsion engine for the entire integrated system.


IMS (Integrated Management System) POLICY is the central strategic document of the company that integrates all individual business processes, management systems and certifications, and defines the strategy and vision of long-term business. Policy consists of 7 fundamental principles, of which corporate social responsibility and sustainable development are principles of all principles.

IMS Policy was announced on June 5, 2018 on a day that is celebrated worldwide as World Environment Day.

IMS Policy is a quality upgrade from the 2008 Quality and Environmental Management Policy.

All of us at KEMIS-Termoclean are part of an integrated management system and bear individual and shared responsibilities in its implementation.

The area we deal with, industrial and dry cleaning, the management of different types of waste, and especially the management of hazardous waste, requires compliance with the maximum operational standards of protection and safety. Hazardous waste is waste that has one or more hazardous properties, such as toxicity, mutagenicity, infectivity, carcinogenicity, irritability, flammability, etc. Proper and controlled disposal of hazardous waste is essential in order to protect human health and the environment.

We pay a lot of attention to fire protection. Halls where hazardous materials are stored are equipped with smoke sensors and, in the event of a fire, an alarm is triggered and an automatic fire extinguishing system is activated. It uses foam or powder, depending on the tape of fire. With thermal imaging cameras, workers control the halls to make sure that there is no uncontrolled rise in temperature anywhere in the warehouses.

According to international environmental standards, these are very significant environmental aspects (potential negative environmental impacts) and equally significant risks to human safety and health.


KEMIS-Termoclean d.o.o. was founded on July 10, 2007 by the merger of KEMIS d.o.o. and Termoclean-Zg d.o.o. Both companies have been among the leaders in their field since its inception.

Termoclean-Zg Company d.o.o. was founded in 1989. The founders and owners of the company are experts with experience in industrial and chemical cleaning, fairing and corrosion protection. While working on industrial and chemical clean-ups, the problem of waste management arising from operational processes, as well as industrial waste from production and other facilities, has become more and more problematic, and Termoclean-Zg has become increasingly oriented towards the problem of the disposal of hazardous and other waste area in Croatia.

KEMIS d.o.o. was founded in 1997 in Zagreb in response to the then complex situation in the field of hazardous waste management in Croatia. Due to the lack of facilities and facilities for the treatment of hazardous waste in Croatia, from the very beginning, the company had to turn to the export of hazardous waste and its disposal in countries with appropriate infrastructure (Austria, Germany, Hungary, Spain, etc.).

The merging of two excellent companies expands the range of joint activities, increases the synergy and quality of services, and lowers operating costs. From the disposal of hazardous waste from the time when roof waste laws did not exist, through joint projects for used oil collection in cooperation with ZGO, as the largest suppliers for the first Croatian hazardous waste incinerator, as contractors for maintenance and dry cleaning of plants especially for particularly sensitive and complex hazardous waste management works in normal and emergency situations, and as consultants in specific hazardous waste management and disposal problems, the company has profiled itself as the largest exporter of hazardous waste in Croatia.

We offer complete, reliable, safe and cost-effective solutions in the field of industrial cleaning and waste management. We are the largest exporters of hazardous waste in Croatia, but we believe that in the Republic of Croatia it is necessary to support quality waste management and treatment projects through expert and professional discussion. In doing so, the technology must be maximally safe for the environment and contribute to reducing the negative impacts. This would ultimately reduce the risks and dangers to humans and the environment as well as the costs to the users of these services.

  • Development of awareness and encouragement, research, implementation and development of sustainable development projects, technologies and new innovative ideas, responsible and environmentally sustainable solutions for the disposal of hazardous waste in the territory of the Republic of Croatia.
  • Proactive, professional and engineering communication with the state and local government bodies (Croatian Parliament, ministries, municipalities, cities, counties, etc.), but also with non-governmental organizations and environmental movements. Observance of the rules of the profession and professionalism are necessary for objectivity and impartiality.
  • Strategic thinking about changes in spatial plans and the inclusion of the most acceptable locations for the reception and treatment of hazardous waste.
  • Development of modern and safe technologies for treatment of hazardous and non-hazardous waste and creation of space for financial incentives and incentives for such projects (treatment of oily waste, acids and alkalis, sludge, grease, contaminated soil, infectious waste, etc.).
  • Expanding business and involving new investors in compliance with waste management regulations in accordance with Croatian, European and world standards.

Sjedište Uprave je u Zagrebu u industrijskoj zoni na Žitnjaku u poslovnoj zgradi Gorenja. Pri Upravi pozicionirane su i služba komercijale, kadrovski poslovi, financije i računovodstvo, kontroling, razvoj i integrirani sustav upravljanja. Službe komercijale i operative također imaju zajedničke poslovne jedinice u Zagrebu i Rijeci.

U Republici Hrvatskoj imamo 3 lokacije za privremeno skladištenje otpada s velikim kapacitetima skladištenja:

  • Skladište opasnog otpada Jastrebarsko
  • Skladište opasnog i neopasnog otpada Novi Vinodolski
  • Skladište neopasnog otpada Zagreb.


Najveća vrijednost naše tvrtke su ZAPOSLENICI.

KEMIS-Termoclean d.o.o. broji više od 60 zaposlenika kojih je najviše u Operativi odnosno čišćenjima, prihvatu i obradi otpada. Naše iskustvo i znanje, stručna osposobljenost u industrijskim i kemijskim čišćenjima, sakupljanju i zbrinjavanju otpada od presudne su važnosti za izvrsnost naših usluga. Svi naši radnici, pored dugogodišnjeg iskustva na ovim poslovima, imaju položene potrebne ispite za rad s opasnim i toksičnim materijalima, kao i ispite s područja zaštite na radu, vatrogasne tečajeve, tečajeve prve pomoći, tečajeve za rad na siguran način pojedinim alatima i strojevima itd. Vozači svih kategorija koji prevoze otpad imaju položen ADR ispit za prijevoz opasnih tvari u cestovnom prometu. Vodimo računa o visokoj razini sigurnosti ne samo naših djelatnika već klijenata, partnera i kooperanata.

20 % naših zaposlenika ima visoku i višu stručnu spremu. To je multidisciplinaran stručni tim sastavljen od inženjera kemije, rudarstva, geologije, ekoinženjerstva, ekologije, socijalnog rada, ekonomije, financijskog menadžmenta itd.

Direktor tvrtke gosp. Zoran Matić je na toj poziciji od osnutka tvrtke 2007. godine.

Direktor tvrtke istovremeno je i Predsjednik Uprave te upravlja kolegijima Uprave na kojima između ostalog Stručni kolegij potvrđuje godišnje i izvanredne Ciljeve ISU – integriranog sustava upravljanja. U Ciljeve ISU postavljaju se sve značajne planirane aktivnosti, programi, projekti koji na neposredan ili posredan način povećavaju kvalitetu poslovanja, unaprjeđuju zaštitu okoliša, zdravlje i sigurnost na radu.

Stručni kolegij Uprave tvrtke KEMIS-Termoclean d.o.o. čine:

  • Direktor društva
  • Voditelj kadrovskih poslova
  • Direktor računovodstva i financija
  • Direktor komercijale
  • Direktor operative
  • Direktor skladišta otpada
  • Voditelj poslovne jedinice Rijeka
  • Voditelj kontrolinga
  • Savjetnik direktora društva (ISU i Razvoj).

Organizacijska struktura KEMIS-Termoclean d.o.o.

Pri izvođenju radova koristimo raznovrsnu profesionalnu opremu koju kontinuirano obnavljamo i moderniziramo. Pored opreme za čišćenja (pumpe, crijeva i sl.), imamo i veliki vozni park s uslugama prijevoza otpada (vakum-autocisterne s visokotlačnim pumpama za pranje, kamione sandučare, kamione s rampom, kombi vozila, viličare za manipulaciju teretom itd.). Sva oprema posjeduje odgovarajuće ateste za rad poštujući sve zakonske zahtjeve, a sva vozila koje prevoze opasni otpad ADR certifikate.

Poslovi sakupljanja otpada, skladištenje opasnog i neopasnog otpada, briga oko sustavnog zbrinjavanja i konačne obrade otpada, uz uvođenje novih tehnologija i razvojnih projekata, sve uz potpuno poštivanje zakonskih i ostalih zahtjeva u kojem su svi poslovni procesi uključeni u cjeloviti životni ciklus tzv. „life cycle“.

Tvrtka posluje kroz INTEGRIRANI SUSTAV UPRAVLJANJA uz certificirane norme sustava upravljanja. Opseg primjene sustava upravljanja uključuje gospodarenje otpadom te industrijska i kemijska čišćenja.

Nositelji smo Bisnodeovog Zlatnog certifikata bonitetne izvrsnosti AAA po kojem spadamo u najpouzdanije hrvatske poslovne subjekte u Hrvatskoj. Ispunjavamo kriterije bonitetne izvrsnosti za 2016., 2017. i 2018. godinu i jedan smo od najpouzdanijih hrvatskih poslovnih subjekata koji ima pravo koristiti status Zlatna izvrsnost, kao simbol ocjene bonitetne izvrsnosti. Osvajali smo u nekoliko navrata nagradu ˝Zlatna kuna˝ u domeni najprofitabilnijih tvrtki kao i nagradu ˝Gazela˝ koja se dodjeljuje  tvrtkama koje ostvaruju najbrži rast.

Bisnode certifikat

Imamo 4 certificirane međunarodne norme (certifikata):

Robustan, vjerodostojan i pouzdan sustav je naš alat za postizanje poslovne izvrsnosti kroz kvalitetnu, brzu i učinkovitu uslugu, sve uz visoke mjere sigurnosti, zaštite na radu i zaštite okoliša. Kao tvrtka kojoj je core-business zaštita okoliša, logično je da je naš sustav upravljanja okolišem bude iznimno izvrstan i pogonski motor cijelog integriranog sustava.

POLITIKA ISU (integriranog sustava upravljanja) središnji je strateški dokument tvrtke koji integrira sve pojedinačne poslovne procese, sustave upravljanja i certifikate, te određuje strategiju i viziju dugoročnog poslovanja. Politika se sastoji se od 7 temeljnih načela od kojih su društveno odgovorno poslovanje i održivi razvoj načela svih načela.

Politika ISU objavljena je 5. lipnja 2018. godine na dan koji se u cijelom svijetu obilježava kao Svjetski Dan zaštite okoliša.

Politika ISU je kvalitetna nadogradnja “Politike upravljanja kvalitetom i zaštitom okoliša” iz 2008. godine.

SVI MI u KEMIS-Termocleanu dio smo integriranog sustava upravljanja i snosimo pojedinačne i zajedničke odgovornosti u njegovoj provedbi.   

Područje kojim se bavimo, industrijsko i kemijsko čišćenje, gospodarenje različitim vrstama otpada, a posebno gospodarenje opasnim otpadom zahtijeva poštivanje maksimalnih operativnih standarda zaštite i sigurnosti. Opasni otpad je otpad koji posjeduje jedno ili više opasnih svojstava poput primjerice toksičnosti, mutagenosti, zaraznosti, karcinogenosti, nadražljivosti, zapaljivosti itd. Neškodljivo uklanjanje, pravilno i kontrolirano zbrinjavanje opasnog otpada prijeko je potrebno kako se ne bi ugrozilo zdravlje ljudi i zagadio okoliš.

Zaštiti od požara posvećujemo puno pažnje. Hale u kojima se skladište opasne tvari opremljene su senzorima dima i u slučaju požara aktivira se alarm i pokreće sistem automatskog gašenja vatre vatrogasnom pjenom ili prahom, ovisno o vrsti požara. Termovizijskim kamerama radnici kontroliraju hale kako bi bili sigurni da nigdje u skladištima nema nekotroliranog rasta temperature.

Prema međunarodnim normama ovo su vrlo značajni aspekti okoliša (potencijalni negativni utjecaji na okoliš) i jednako tako značajni rizici za sigurnost i zdravlje čovjeka.


Tvrtka KEMIS-Termoclean d.o.o. osnovana je 10. srpnja 2007. godine udruživanjem tvrtki KEMIS d.o.o. i Termoclean-Zg d.o.o.. Obje tvrtke su od svojih početaka među vodećima u svom području.

Tvrtka Termoclean-Zg d.o.o. osnovana je 1989. godine. Osnivači i vlasnici tvrtke su stručnjaci s iskustvom u industrijskim i kemijskim čišćenjima, bajcanjima i antikorozivnoj zaštiti. Tijekom rada na industrijskim i kemijskim čišćenjima pojavio se problem zbrinjavanja otpada nastalog u operativnim procesima, kao i industrijskog otpada iz proizvodnih i drugih pogona, pa se Termoclean-Zg sve više orijentirao na problematiku zbrinjavanja opasnog i ostalog otpada, u čemu su bili među pionirima na tom području u Hrvatskoj.

Tvrtka KEMIS d.o.o. osnovana je 1997. godine u Zagrebu kao odgovor na tadašnje kompleksno stanje na području zbrinjavanja opasnog otpada u Hrvatskoj. Zbog nedostatka pogona i kapaciteta za obradu opasnog otpada u Hrvatskoj, tvrtka se od samog početka morala okrenuti izvozu opasnog otpada i njegovu zbrinjavanju u zemljama s odgovarajućom infrastrukturom (Austrija, Njemačka, Mađarska, Španjolska itd.).

Udruživanjem dviju izvrsnih tvrtki proširuje se spektar zajedničkih djelatnosti, povećava sinergija i kvaliteta usluga te se snižavaju operativni troškovi. Od zbrinjavanja opasnog otpada iz vremena kada još nisu ni postojali krovni zakoni o otpadu, preko zajedničkih projekata sakupljanja rabljenih ulja u suradnji sa ZGO, kao najveći dobavljači za prvu hrvatsku spalionicu opasnog otpada, kao izvođači radova na održavanju i kemijskom čišćenju postrojenja posebno kod posebno osjetljivih i složenih radova postupanja sa opasnim otpadnim tvarima u uobičajenim i izvanrednim situacijama, te kao konzultanti u specifičnim problemima postupanja i zbrinjavanja opasnog otpada, tvrtka se profilirala u najvećeg izvoznika opasnog otpada u Hrvatskoj.

Nudimo cjelovita, pouzdana, sigurna i troškovno prihvatljiva rješenja na području industrijskih čišćenja i gospodarenja otpadom. Najveći smo izvoznici opasnog otpada u Hrvatskoj, ali mišljenja smo da je u Republici Hrvatskoj potrebno kroz stručnu i profesionalnu raspravu podržavati kvalitetne projekte zbrinjavanja i obrade otpada. Pri tom tehnologija mora biti maksimalno sigurna za okoliš i doprinositi smanjenju negativnih utjecaja. To bi u konačnici smanjilo rizike i opasnosti za ljude i okoliš kao i troškove korisnicima ovih usluga.

  • Razvoj svijesti i poticanje, istraživanje, provedba i razvoj održivih razvojnih projekata, tehnologija i novih inovativnih ideja, odgovornih i okolišno održivih rješenja o zbrinjavanju opasnih vrsta otpada na području Republike Hrvatske.
  • Proaktivna, stručna i inženjerska komunikacija s tijelima državne uprave i lokalne uprave (Hrvatski sabor, ministarstva, općine, gradovi, županije itd.), ali jednako tako i s nevladinim organizacijama i ekološkim pokretima.
    Poštivanje pravila struke i profesionalnost pri tom su nužni za objektivnost i nepristranost.
  • Strateška razmišljanja o promjenama u prostornim planovima i uključenju najprihvatljivijih lokacija za prihvat i obradu opasnog otpada.
  • Razvoj modernih i sigurnih tehnologija obrade opasnog i neopasnog otpada te stvaranje prostora za financijske stimulanse i poticaje za ovakve projekte (obrada zauljenog otpada, kiselina i lužina, muljeva, masti, onečišćene zemlje, infektivnog otpada itd.).
  • Proširenje poslova i uključenje novih investitora uz poštivanje zakonske regulative gospodarenja otpadom u skladu sa hrvatskim, europskim i svjetskim standardima.