Industrial and chemical cleaning

We carry out industrial and chemical cleaning of carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum and non-ferrous metal equipment, separators, sewage and various other equipment in industrial plants, companies, crafts, etc. We have our own warehouse of hazardous chemicals and start immediately by calling for regular or extraordinary cleaning. All waste generated after cleaning is our concern, we take it over and treat it properly.

We have many years of experience in the field of cleaning and waste management and a large number of satisfied customers. We cooperate and only partner with reputable manufacturers of equipment and assets. All work is performed in accordance with the highest world standards of quality, environmental protection and occupational safety.



We clean thermal, petrochemical, refinery, chemical and other plants. Applying the process of circulation, buffing or soaking the inner surface of newly installed tanks, heat exchangers, pipelines and other equipment, chemical purification occurs from corrosion products and other deposits. Different solutions and additives are used for different materials. Stainless steel products are simultaneously protected by passivation from further corrosion. This is especially important and necessary for stainless steel piping or other equipment made of stainless steel.


We clean objects of different sizes such as boilers on ships, heat stations, boilers, power plants in industrial plants, thermal power plants, etc. This includes degreasing various oxygen pipelines and other technological and medical gases. We remove deposits from the walls of pipelines and equipment, which implies the use of different technologies, depending on the composition of the deposit and the material of the pipeline of the equipment.


Due to its chemical composition, stainless steel has increased corrosion resistance. However, depending on the composition and the environment in which it is located (eg coastal area or atmosphere containing traces of free iron or chlorine), steel behaves differently in corrosion and may result in intercrystalline, cracking or other corrosion. Cleaning is performed by the methods of flattening, circulation and soaking, with special mixtures of acids and corrosion inhibitors. We carry out passivation of new equipment, as well as degreasing, cleaning and passivation of used equipment. Most often these are cleaning of tanks, heat exchangers and pipelines.


We perform aluminum cleaning and passivation work. The aluminum is first cleaned and then treated with special solutions that form a protective layer of aluminum oxide.


These works have been carried out for many years in various industrial plants, refineries, railway depots, ships, etc. This group of jobs includes cleaning of various oil and other contaminants from hydrocarbon deposits (spills, accidents) and degreasing of various oxygen pipelines and other technological and medical pipelines. gases. We clean all types of tanks (petroleum products, fuels, oils, raw materials) to the full purity of so-called. “Gas – free” cleanliness, with explosive testing and disposal of waste sludge and washing water. We also clean oil / water separators in industrial plants and workshops, as well as other oiled equipment or facilities.


Mineral oil separators and grease separators (kitchen separators in food preparation facilities) are subject to special maintenance and cleaning regulations. Maintaining them regularly is the best way to avoid the high costs of clogging. Our teams come to your location and pump special separators and grease traps with special vacuum tanks, both at regular intervals and in emergency situations.

Particular emphasis is placed on cleaning the grease separators on the sewer drains from the kitchens. These facilities require regular cleaning in order to prevent clogging of sewage drains, and the contents of the masthead (waste fat) require special treatment and disposal. We are reminded of the legal obligation that all food service facilities must have a grease separators. In addition to grease traps, we also clean all other separators, such as separators in car repair shops, car washes and other business facilities. 

We also have many years of experience in cleaning bio-rotors, for which we have been the main contractors for Croatian motorways for a long time.


Sewer systems are designed and maintained according to international standards, which includes regular maintenance in such a way as to satisfy a high degree of safety. Any failure to comply with these obligations entails high fines. Our cleaning, testing and remediation services are in line with the most up-to-date procedures in the world.

We maintain, clean, test and repair all types of drainage and sewage systems for stormwater, sanitary and process water. We provide regular cleaning of underground pipelines, canals, manholes and gutters, and we also perform emergency clean-ups when flow problems occur.

We clean the sewer pipes and facilities with special vehicles, vans with a vacuum suction pump (drain) and a high pressure recoil pump (WOMA). Maintenance is carried out using vehicles with combined high-pressure washer and suction equipment with a water purification technique, which allows for an efficient mode of operation and a frugal treatment of resources. We use a variety of special tools to remove runoff and corrosion barriers. For heavier clogging we also use special punching machines – roto nozzles and milling cutters.

In addition, we test the leakage of sewage systems, CCTV pipeline video recording, make suggestions for repairing damaged pipelines and repair without excavating by plastifying the interior with so-called “in-line”.

After regular cleaning of the sewer pipe, we are able to test the watertightness of the sewer and, if necessary, perform an emergency remediation service.


Sustavi kanalizacije i odvodnje grade se i koriste da bi se očuvala kvaliteta voda i tla, ali i zbog zaštite različitih objekata. Korisnici ovih sustava dužni su kontrolirati, čistiti i održavati sustave kanalizacije i otklanjati oštećenja kako bi sustav uvijek bio sposoban za rad.

We distinguish the following types of cleaning and the following levels of quality:

  • Basic cleaning (first or intensive cleaning)
  • Regular cleaning – within maintenance (depending on need)
  • Extraordinary special cleaning (eg due to flow obstacles, preparation for sewer inspection)
  • Special cleaning (eg special profiles, large profiles or siphons)


Improper operation, construction defects and damage, as well as external influences, can lead to interference with the drainage system, which must then be documented and remedied. After washing and testing the watertightness, a document defining the condition of the sewage network is made:

  • leakage
  • in- and ex-filtration
  • barriers to runoff
  • differences in position
  • mechanical wear
  • corrosion
  • deformation
  • cracks
  • bursting and / or collapsing pipes.

Documentation is generally done by entering a drainage system or by TV inspection.


I We have extensive experience in cleaning up different types of pollution in emergencies (oil pollution, post-fire clearing, wild landfills, waste storage, contaminated soil, etc.). Our mobile teams quickly take to the field and carry out professional, safe and documented remediation work.

We provide emergency environmental services in the event of accidental releases of toxic and harmful substances into the environment. Services cover the full range of activities from primary intervention aimed at removing pollutants to recovery and remediation of the site.

Emergency environmental intervention services can be mobilized 24 hours a day throughout the territory of the Republic of Croatia.

The emergency team is mobilized approximately 60 minutes from the receipt of the accident information.

Emergency telephone numbers are:

+385 98 595 300
+385 91 500 6379


Our company has been performing anti-corrosion protection and surface preparation works for many years according to world standards.

We carry out works on tanks, pipelines, industrial plants, shipbuilding and construction.

We are able to organize work sites in the field, and with our mobility and technical aids, professionally perform all kinds of work with professionally specialized staff with many years of experience in the field of corrosion protection.

We apply the highest quality coatings to protect metals from corrosion by reputable paint manufacturers.