Reviewing information from the field of waste management can often be complex and complicated and clouded with an abundance of different uniform information. In order to reach a certain goal, we waste a lot of time.

KEMIS-Termoclean wants to simplify access to information, pave the way for more knowledge, insights and transparency in as little time as possible. Our engineers have uploaded and edited the most important materials in the field of waste management for you to be more transparent and legible.

To all our clients and partners, to all our employees, and to all other visitors to our web pages, we want, with a simple and quality introduction to KEMIS-Termoclean and our services, to link to significant and interesting web sites related to environmental protection and waste management and much more than that.

Ensuring human health and safety, as well as protecting nature and the environment are fundamental postulates of civilization.

The excellence of our services is also manifested through the proactive affirmation and dissemination of knowledge and relevant information. The development of positive awareness based on the principles of sustainable development is essential for the success of sustainable development.