Kemis’ heroes in the fight against COVID-19

The COVID 19 virus has turned the world upside down in the past year. The pandemic has far-reaching consequences for the economy, society and every individual around the world. The World Health Organization (WHO) points out that the pandemic has stressed the importance of correlating the close links between human, animal, planetary health and the overall environment, which requires a common approach and strategy.

As part of the large Hisense and Gorenje business group, we at Kemis have adapted and harmonized with special and stricter working conditions. Adherence to corporate rules, a combination of work from home, strict conditions of entry into the company, protective means and measures, all for the protection and safety of ourselves, colleagues, family, business partners and the entire environment.

Despite the difficult and specific situation, our business has not been stopped at any time, or even slowed down. The tasks of industrial cleaning and waste management, taking over waste from industry, retail, public institutions, hospitals, small companies, crafts and other institutions, require daily field trips. Operational workers, as a precaution, are divided into smaller working groups that have no contact with each other.

KEMIS-Termoclean is, among other types of waste, a waste collector with key number 18 01 03 *. It is a waste whose collection and disposal is subject to special requirements to prevent infection. In the last year, KBO 18 01 03 * represented the largest amount of hazardous medical infectious infectious waste, ie. Covid waste. In 2020, we took over approximately 600 tons of waste from KBO 18 01 03 *, which represented 5,582 individual supporting sheets, the largest part of which is Covid waste from medical institutions. We collect Covid waste in a strictly controlled and safe manner while respecting our internal and client procedures. Waste is immediately transported for safe treatment and disposal, and vehicles are disinfected daily. Organized groups of brave Kemis employees in daily contact with this type of waste have become ruthless hardened fighters without mercy for such a vicious opponent.

Members of the Group for Collection, Storage and Processing of Hazardous Residues and Waste, which operates within the Association for Secondary Raw Materials, Collection and Processing at the Croatian Chamber of Commerce, and whose activities are related to the collection, emergency collection, storage and treatment of medical waste, indicated in late 2020. to the problems faced by companies in the collection and treatment of COVID-19 waste. Due to the impossibility of prompt disposal, waste began to accumulate in the warehouses of companies, but also medical institutions, primarily hospitals, which leads to an increased risk of infection and thus a threat to human lives. Namely, the fact that during a pandemic, a significantly larger amount of infectious medical waste is generated every day than under normal conditions, which leads to an increased risk of infection and thus a threat to human lives. The Group concluded that it is necessary to adopt rapid long-term sustainable, and technologically acceptable, health and environmentally safe solutions.