Supervisory audit of ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 standards and recertification of SCCp

The annual audit of Kemis’ integrated management system by TÜV Austria was held on April 7 and 8, 2022. The supervisory audit according to ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 14001: 2015 and ISO 45001: 2018 was conducted according to the previously submitted audit plan in order to assess the effectiveness of the integrated management system in meeting the objectives and applicable legal and contractual obligations. A recertification audit was also conducted according to the SCCp: 2011 checklist requirements. The audit on the first day of this year included the location of the headquarters in Zagreb and a new non-hazardous waste warehouse with operations in Sesvetski Kraljevec. The second day included the storage of hazardous and non-hazardous waste with operations in Novi Vinodolski. This year, the audit was actively attended by the heads of all Kemis organizational units (company management, human resources, accounting and finance, commercial, operational, waste storage, occupational safety and fire protection, development and IMS).

TÜV Austria – Positive observations:

  • Orientation of the management to increase the efficiency of key processes
  • Expertise, tradition and experience
  • IMS documentation

The company achieved business growth, started the investment cycle in vehicles and equipment, and significantly reduced uncollected receivables. The introduction of KPIs for all jobs was underway. The findings of all state inspections of occupational safety and environmental protection were without objections. The auditors noted the intention to ensure the financial stability of the company, greater ties with the Gorenje Group and the HISENSE Group, the desire to involve employees in decision-making, and ensure quality and secure infrastructure. Management encourages employee participation in improving the system and rewards initiatives and proposing new ideas have been introduced. The requirements of the quality, environment and safety management system are integrated into the company’s business processes. The policy of the integrated management system is the central strategic document of the company, and was revised after the appointment of the new director of the company.

ALL Kemis employees are responsible for the situation presented and the positive findings without non-compliance. The locations of the warehouses in Sesvetski Kraljevec and Novi Vinodolski looked flawless. Congratulations to ALL KEMIS members for active and quality participation and demonstrated achievements.