KEMIS-Termoclean appointed as a legal entity of interest for the civil protection system in the city of Zagreb

The City Assembly of the City of Zagreb, at its 32nd session held on March 19, 2020, passed a Decision on designating legal entities of interest to the civil protection system in the City of Zagreb.

KEMIS-Termoclean d.o.o. was appointed, among others, as a legal entity of interest for the civil protection system in the City of Zagreb in the segment of providing experts and mechanization required for asanitation * in the group of tasks: analysis of air, soil, water and sanitation and we prepared the Operational Plan on the manner of organizing the implementation of measures and activities in the civil protection system for KEMIS-Termoclean d.o.o. Zagreb. 

Operational plan is made to determine the organization, manner of activation and operation of society, preventive measures and procedures, tasks and responsibilities of human forces and the necessary material and technical means, and implementation of tasks (when – before, during or immediately after a major accident). The operational plan elaborates the responsibilities and authorities of the manner of coordinating the implementation of tasks, the manner of carrying out the task with instructions and implementation of supervision, as well as communication solutions, cooperation and reporting. 

Appointment to a credible group of legal entities in the civil protection system is another indicator of the quality of our business.

* ASANATION (according to lat. Sanus: healthy) – taking coordinated technical, medical, agricultural and cultural measures to eliminate sources of the spread of some dangerous infectious and social diseases (malaria, intestinal diseases) in a certain area.