KEMIS-Termoclean has achieved another business success, a demanding job of rehabilitating a hazardous waste storage facility that we received at the Ministry of Environment and Energy’s tender. It is about removing hazardous waste from the warehouse of Ecooperativa d.o.o. in bankruptcy. The warehouse is located in Pazin, within the former Pazinka factory, and is a large industrial hall of about 3,000 m2. After Ecooperativa  went bankrupt, large quantities of waste were stored in the warehouse without credible data on types and quantities. Large quantities of waste (according to the findings and assessment of the Ministry of Environment inspection of more than 400 tonnes of hazardous waste) were stored improperly and contrary to regulations.

The complex and demanding work of repairing the warehouse began at the end of 2018 and ended on February 15, 2019. The job was done quickly and efficiently while respecting the highest aspects of safety and other rules of the profession and legal provisions, and the location of the remediation itself. All our activities were under the constant supervision of the environmental inspection. Upon completion of the remediation and at the handover of the cleaned warehouse, representatives of the Ministry of Environment and Energy expressed their satisfaction with the quality of the works performed and the condition of the warehouse after the remediation.

We emphasize that during the course of the rehabilitation, there was no incidents of and kind, which further proves the expertise and ability of KEMIS-Termoclean employees to perform the most complex and demanding tasks of hazardous waste management, collection, transportation, storage and final disposal.