As part of the educational program “Protect yourself with knowledge!”, The Institute for the Advancement of Occupational Safety in cooperation with the Croatian Employers Association, organized a workshop on “Performing work in confined spaces and measures for occupational safety.” The workshop was attended by a number of experts responsible for occupational safety and persons who, within the scope of their work, carry out and / or organize work in confined and confined spaces.

The workshop was organized as an opportunity for all participants to get acquainted with the regulations governing the safe execution of works in the above conditions, as well as with practical examples from Croatia and other countries. Key steps and procedures were presented, among others, when contractors outsourced and entered restricted spaces, and the film “Working in confined and confined spaces” was shown, in which a professional team of KEMIS-Termoclean cleaned manholes in one large company. A comprehensive and systematic overview of the operational procedure with all safety aspects from the preparation and supply of fresh air, fencing and marking of premises, inspection of lifting equipment (security), obtaining entry permits, installation of devices for measuring hazardous gases, risk assessment before work is presented. ventilating and blowing fresh air, obtaining a permit to enter a confined space, cleaning the window before entering, displaying restricted space prepared for entry of workers, checking for the presence of hazardous gases immediately before entry, preparing an entry worker (belt, mask and air supply, belt with pull-out rope, lamp, gloves).