We participated in the XV. International Waste Management Symposium Zagreb 2018 organized by HUGO and ISWA. The aim of the Symposium was to analyze the existing waste management systems, define the best possible basis for decision-making in individual segments of waste management, at the level of the state, regional and local self-government and economic entities, to consider the possibilities for material and energy recovery of waste, to look at the economic dimension of waste management, to find guidelines for faster and better quality establishment of a high level of application of the circular economy postulates and to encourage better cooperation between science and economy and to emphasize the importance of communication (adoption of planning documents, education, information and dialogue) in a comprehensive waste management system and to find ways and guidelines for better implementation of circular waste management into existing systems.

The main topics of the Symposium this year were:

1. The Challenges of the Circular Economy 2. Energy recovery options for waste 3. Waste sludge management 4. Challenges of Plastic Waste Management 5. Marine waste and microplastics 6. Waste management as an economic activity 7. Cooperation between science and industry in the waste management service