Class by Class is a non-governmental organization that brings together volunteers and donors in projects to build and renovate classes and schools in the poorest parts of the world. Money donations are collected through payments to the Association’s giro account, through crowdfunding campaigns at internet, photo sales, and possibly in-kind (school supplies, sports requisites, hygiene supplies, etc.). The goal of the projects is sensitization of the public to the problems of poor children of the world, and improvement of conditions in education of children and young people from the remote parts of the world.

Following a series of successful projects in early 2019, a new project to build a second Class By Class school has begun. Zoran Jagec, president of the Association, started a project in Rujewa, southwestern Tanzania, to build a school designed for about 120-150 children from three villages of the Maasai, Sukuma and Taturu tribes. The school is intended for preschoolers and the first three grades of primary school.

Any form of support to the Association is welcome, and so KEMIS-Termoclean has joined the project with the aim of procuring more bricks. More about this and other humanitarian projects on the Association’s website