More than 200 participants gathered at the Westin Hotel in Zagreb to discuss the current state and key sectoral challenges of waste management. After 6 years of Croatian EU membership, the set goals have not been achieved, so we are threatened with penalties. The Croatian model is often confusing us because of the controversial and untimely regulation. Problems, solutions, challenges and innovations were discussed through three thematic blocks:

I – Separate collection, plastics and waste processing technology,

II – Public tenders and legislation in the waste sector and

III – Role of local governments, landfills and thermal waste treatment.

At Kemis, we support the implementation of a systematic and sustainable waste management strategy that enables the implementation of quality infrastructure facilities for receiving and treating waste. All this while respecting the highest standards of protection of health and the environment, with the argumentative word of the profession and avoiding politicization. In the present way, Croatia loses hundreds of millions of Euros annually due to the lack of a strategy or infrastructure. Preconditions for such positive directions are new spatial plans. The key to sectoral success is building a sustainable system and continuing education