Just a day after the integrated ISO system audit, KEMIS-Termoclean was successfully certified by another international standard SCCp (Safety Checklist Contractors for Petrochemicals) – a supplier safety certification in the petrochemical industry.

The SCCp certification confirms the added value of improving the health, safety and environmental management systems. In this way, the added value of quality is generated in all parts of the business process according to the best risk management models. The goal is to protect employees from illnesses and injuries in the workplace, as well as greater environmental safety correlated with potential emergencies. The education of our managers and operational staff was a requirement for certification. The Kemis operatives were further educated, after which the TÜV Austria certification company carried out a certification audit at our branch office in Rijeka. In this way, we have strengthened our integrated management system and safety, health and safety at work, environmental protection and quality have been given even greater value for all the demanding and risky tasks we perform.