Relocation from Kanal to Sesvetski Kraljevec (new non-hazardous waste storage)

KEMIS-TERMOCLEAN obtained from the City of Zagreb – City Office for Economy, Energy and Environmental Protection a new permit for non-hazardous waste management on May 5, 2021. The permit relates to the collection, recovery and disposal of procedures S, IS, PU, R12, R13, D13, D14, D15 at the location Strojarska cesta 9b in Sesvetski Kraljevec. At the same time, the non-hazardous waste warehouse and operations were relocated from our long-term location on Žitnjak – Kanalski put 12, and the company has not used the location on Žitnjak since 13 May 2021 and operates in full in Sesvetski Kraljevec.

The new location in Sesvetski Kraljevec is part of the industrial complex in the southern part of Sesvetski Kraljevec in Strojarska Street. The total space consists of a warehouse with a floor area of 1.722 m2, an outdoor paved plateau of 1.000 m2 and arranged office space on two floors with a total area of 400 m2. The entire operational and storage team from the limited space of the location on Kanalski put has moved to a new location. New, larger, more modern, safer space for storage of non-hazardous waste and new office and operational space are a prerequisite for further development of the company.