The topic of the interview was the issue of waste, which seems to be an insoluble problem in Croatia, which causes additional costs and social and political tensions, while in Europe waste is a legitimate and quality business. The 60,000 tonnes of waste we collect annually are almost completely exported. It is mainly hazardous and non-hazardous industrial waste. Our country pays for this service to companies in Austria, Germany, Hungary, and soon Poland. All this is happening because unfortunately there are no waste treatment facilities in Croatia that would meet our needs with capacity. Environmental protection in Croatia is becoming the number one topic and is increasingly occupied by the media, so the public is increasingly aware of the obligation to protect the environment in which we live. Croatia loses several hundred million euros each year because it does not have a strategy or infrastructure in place to manage waste and associated raw materials. It is necessary to enter waste management sites in the spatial plans in order to build facilities for this purpose, especially waste management centers.