As part of our regular fire drills, but also as a company that cares for the protection of people and the environment, on April 30, 2018, a fire drill was held at our hazardous waste storage facility in Jastrebarsko. The topic of the exercise was a simulation of an emergency situation, that is, a small scale fire in a waste depot. The initial assumption was that the waste manufacturer in the shipment of waste mistakenly put a certain amount of reactive substance on fire and then simulated a fire outbreak in the cargo area of a cargo vehicle. The goal of the exercise was to prepare employees for rapid response to emerging fires, because then the intervention required is exponentially smaller. According to the Record on the implementation of the fire extinguishing exercise by the authorized company KONSPEKT doo, the fire fighting exercise was successfully carried out. The reaction time of the warehouse staff, from the detection of fire, the preparation for extinguishing, the removal of combustible material from the endangered vehicle and until the very beginning of extinguishing is 1:47 min. All our employees from Jastrebarsko participated in the firefighting exercise.